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The Introduction

I’m Arturo. A graphic designer specializing in branding, digital design & animation.

I’m Arturo.
A designer specializing in branding, digital design & animation.

The Philosophy

Design with

Whether it’s rebranding a company, building a marketing campaign or creating a memorable animation, strategy always comes first. I always dive into the project head first to become a master on the industry. The strategy is then created to execute a design solution that you would be proud to take home to your momma.

Project Category | Branding

Capture Rx

Enter the wilderness & capture the wild.

Project Category | Infographics

Cantwell Mattress

Reinventing the way people know sleep.

Project Category | Branding

B&B Smokehouse


A modern twist on a classic city staple.

Project Category | Branding

Maligno Tequila

Do you Dare to Drink?

The Battle Cry

Never forget
the passion.

The reason to get up in the morning. The “Brand New White Tee” feeling. The opportunity to collaborate with a team on something bigger than yourself. Getting your hands dirty; washing them, and getting them dirty again. The late night discussions that forge the brand into what it is. The moments where design is more than just design. That’s what it’s all about.

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